Commercial Roofing Repairs

Whether due to damage, weather, or just simply time moving on, eventually you will find your roof needs repair.  Don’t panic…just call MK Roofing!


The highly skilled technicians at MK Roofing are well trained in repairs to almost any type of roofing system, including:

And many others

What To Expect

When you call MK Roofing for a roofing repair, you will get everything you expect, plus more.  Though every call is unique, each receives the same basic care and concern.


Consultation.  Our staff will schedule a consultation with you.  Together we’ll discuss what your concerns are and where you want/need to go with the project.


Inspection.  To determine the best course of action for your roof, our skilled team members will provide a thorough inspection to identify all areas requiring repair, not just those easily visible.


Report.  You will be provided with a detailed, written report that clearly outlines all identified problems, along with our recommended solution(s).


Insurance.  If your damage is the result of a potential insurance claim, we offer insurance claims assistance, helping you through the red tape and doing everything possible to assist in getting the claim approved and expedited.


Scheduling.  MK Roofing knows your time is valuable.  We schedule our projects around your business and personal schedule as much as possible.  It is our goal to get the job done, with as little interruption to your life as necessary.


Professionalism.  Every MK Roofing team member will exhibit the highest levels of professionalism toward you, your team members, and/or your customers at all times.


Quality.  Your job will be done by professionally trained technicians to ensure that your property is back to its best in no time.


Clean up.  We believe the job isn’t complete until the entire area is returned to its pre-project look (minus the leak, of course).


Insurance Assistance

If an insurance claim is a part of your repair, we are here to help get that claim approved as quickly as possible.


We don’t pretend to be “insurance guys”, however when you have worked with insurance claims as much as we do, you develop a clear understanding of the process involved and what the insurance company is looking for.


Our written report will include the details and keywords that adjusters want to see.  Where appropriate, photographs, schematics, and other supportive data will be integrated.


Should your adjuster request, we are glad to meet with him/her and review our findings, detailing any additional areas of concern in order to maximize the efficacy of your claim.


Why wait?  If you currently are in need of a repair to your commercial or residential roofing system, call MK Roofing at 908-323-9686 to get a commercial roof inspection.  We will get that initial consultation scheduled and get the repair process underway.