About MK Roofing

As a 2nd generation roofer, Mike Keller grew up in the business.  From the tender age of 11, Mike worked alongside his father, learning the roofing industry from the ground up.


Over time, Mike took over the day-to-day running of the family business, helping it grow and continuing the family tradition of exceptional customer service.


After years of working with others, Mike decided it was time to spread his wings and establish his own company, with its own identity and reflective of Mike’s personal integrity and philosophy.  MK Roofing was born.

Mike Keller - Owner
Mike Keller - Owner

MK Roofing Philosophy

When asked what his personal business philosophy is, Mike responds with “providing solutions with integrity”.


Mike Keller believes that a roofing company should do more than just fix the roof.  A truly great company will work together with its clients, identifying areas of concern, outlining goals, and only then, offer solutions that address all areas, including maximizing the owner’s return on roofing investment.


Mike prefers to develop roofing partners, rather than simply do roofing jobs. That is how he has designed the MK Roofing Company.  He has a long-term approach to doing business and establishing relationships.  By providing solutions with integrity, Mike Keller is convinced you will want to develop that partnership with him and MK Roofing Company.


The MK Roofing Difference

There are literally hundreds of roofing options in the area.  A simple search of Google will prove that.  What makes MK Roofing different?  Here are just a few items to consider.

  • Integrity.  Mike Keller’s word is his bond.  When you hire MK Roofing for your commercial or residential project, you get that integrity as an integral part of the arrangement.
  • Professionalism.  All team members at MK Roofing are required to exhibit a 100% professional demeanor at all times and toward every person they come into contact with.
  • Customer service.  At MK Roofing, customer service isn’t simply a concept, it is a requirement.  Without you, MK Roofing simply doesn’t exist.  We recognize and understand the value of exceeding our customers’ expectations in all facets of their roofing project.
  • Partnership.  Most of our competitors will be glad to do your roof.  MK Roofing wants to do more. As we said, our goal is to be your roofing partner.  To help provide solutions with integrity and to be your go-to organization whenever a roofing issue or question occurs.

Want to know more about Mike Keller and MK Roofing Company?  Call us today at 908-323-9686.  We will schedule a consultation, sit down, and get to know one another.  It will take about 5 minutes before you clearly see the difference working with Mike and his team at MK Roofing will make on your next roofing project.  We look forward to speaking with you soon.