Preparing Your Commercial Roof for Winter: Helpful Tips


With snow storms and blizzards, winter in New Jersey can be really harsh. Therefore, it isn’t a secret that business owners in New Jersey counties like Morris County, Somerset County, Somerville, Bridgewater, Union County, Hunterdon County and others must prepare their commercial roofs for winter.

Yet many aren’t sure what to do to prepare their roof for winter weather. To help them we have created a list of helpful tips every business owner should know regarding winter commercial roof preparation.

Therefore if you are a business owner that has a commercial building in New Jersey this article is for you.

Clean Your Commercial Roof From Leaves and Other Debris

Cleaning your commercial roof from leaves and other debris should be your priority in preparing a commercial roof for wintertime.

Leaves and debris can clog gutters and downspouts, which leads to leakage issues. Also, if they aren’t removed from the rooftop and the drainage system, wet leaves can freeze, and the next thing you have on the roof and in the gutters is a significant accumulation of water that brings accumulated water to the rooftop. Eventually this can lead to massive leaks.

PRO tip: Use special footwear due to slipping surfaces during cleaning.

Remove Snow and Ice from the Roof

Removing snow and ice is one more necessary step in the process of preparing your commercial roof for winter. Like wet leaves, snow also brings heaviness to the roof and can damage the roof’s structure. Also, water issues can easily happen if you have a pile of snow on your rooftop.

Furthermore, while examining your commercial roof, check if there are ice build-ups and if there are, remove them with hot water.

PRO tip: Instead of a metal shovel, use a plastic one so you won’t damage the roof’s surface.

Clean Gutters and Drains

Gutters are essential for drainage systems; therefore, you need to clean them so that water flows properly through them.

As we mentioned before, clogged gutters lead to severe water damage and leakage issues, and that’s why you really need to pay attention to them because the consequences can be serious and even lead to roof replacement.

Examine Flashing and Caulking Parts

Caulking parts are usually around curbs and parapets; if they aren’t functioning properly, snow build-up can create damage and leaks.

The same thing goes for flashing parts also. And again, water will penetrate if they are damaged or worn, and leakage issues are the next thing to worry about.

Inspect Skylights

Another helpful tip if you want to have your commercial roof prepared for winter weather is to check skylights.

While checking them, pay attention if there is damage to the glass and the flashing condition since most skylights usually leak around flashing parts.

Trim Tree Branches

Tree branches can severely damage the roof during high winds and storms; therefore, keeping them away from the rooftop is one more helpful tip while preparing a commercial roof for winter for business owners in New Jersey.

Since this assignment is quite demanding, hiring a professional to trim tree branches overhanging your commercial building is advisable.

Schedule a FREE Roof Inspection by MK Roofing

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