Commercial Roofing Contractor in Somerset NJ

MK Roofing is a premium roofing contractor serving Somerset, NJ, and the whole of Somerset County. So whether you are in Somerville, Bridgewater, Hillsborough, or any other place in Somerset County, you can count on MK Roofing for any commercial roofing services.


We are experienced and knowledgeable, with over 30 years in the roofing industry. What sets us apart from other roofing companies is a high level of professionalism, integrity, and trustworthiness. As a result, hundreds of clients have placed confidence in us, and in turn, we have built long-term partnerships.


Mike Keller, the owner of MK Roofing, personal business philosophy is providing solutions with integrity, and that’s the engine that drives the entire business of MK Roofing. To be there for our clients as a reliable partner they can turn to for any roofing issue they have.

Commercial Roofing Services

MK Roofing provides several commercial roofing services for business owners in Somerset, NJ. Those services include roof repairs, roof replacement, TPO flat roof systems, roofing inspection, and coating services. As for coating services, MK Roofing offers several different systems with 20-year manufacturer-backed NDL (no dollar limit) warranties.

Commercial Coatings

If you want to increase the level of protection on your commercial roof, coatings are the right answer. Coatings are roofing systems that can be applied to the existing roof’s surface to provide an additional layer that protects the roof from degradation from UV rays and general weather wear and tear. Our silicone systems offer leak protection with a manufacturer’s backed NDL warranty.

There are several different types of coatings on the market, and the most common ones are acrylic and silicone. Acrylic does well in situations where there is positive drainage, as it does not hold up well to ponding water. Silicone performs well in all conditions and has the ability to perform even where ponding water occurs.


Single-Ply Commercial Flat Roofing

Single-ply roofing systems are an excellent way to protect your building asset. These systems include EPDM, PVC, and TPO roofing. TPO has grown to be our favorite system. Long life cycle, cost-effectiveness, NDL warranties, and heat-welded seams creating a monolithic membrane are a few of the reasons why it’s our favorite.

Commercial Roof Repair

One of the commercial roofing services that MK Roofing provides to business owners in Somerset County is commercial roof repair.

Whether your roof needs a minor repair or comprehensive work, MK Roofing is the company you should call.

We have over three decades of roofing experience, and our team consists of seasoned professionals willing to go the extra mile to successfully solve the issue your commercial roof has.

Therefore, if your roof needs repair, wait no longer, contact us today, and we will be on sight as soon as possible.

Commercial Roof Inspection

If you want to maintain your commercial roof for years to come, you must regularly conduct roof inspections.

It would be best if you conducted a roof inspection twice a year and that the inspection was performed by a professional roofing company, like MK Roofing.

MK Roofing provides FREE roofing inspection for business owners in Somerset County, NJ, so if you want to know the condition of your commercial roof, give us a call at 908-323-9686 and schedule your free roofing inspection.

Roofing Systems for Your Building

There are many options available to commercial property owners driven by the type of structure you have. Many of the most popular systems are single ply’s including TPO, PVC, Metal, and possibly shingles.

However, each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages. That’s why it is necessary to consult a professional roofing contractor, like MK Roofing, with decades of experience applying these solutions.

About Us

MK Roofing is a company owned by Mike Keller, a second-generation roofer who has been in the roofing business for more than 30 years.

Mike knows the roofing industry from the ground up, and his team consists of professional roofers with decades of experience in the roofing business.

MK Roofing is also recognized for its high level of integrity, which is at the very core of the company’s philosophy. Working with MK Roofing brings a high level of professionalism, exceptional customer service, and long-term partnerships.

MK Roofing CO Commercial Roofing Company in Somerset NJ

MK Roofing is a commercial roofing company that offers its roofing services to commercial property owners in Somerset, NJ.

Besides commercial roofing repairs, MK Roofing may offer roofing replacement services, all kinds of roof coatings, roof inspections and estimates that are free of charge.

So, if your commercial roof needs assistance, count on MK Roofing. Call us at 908-323-9686 and schedule your FREE roofing inspection.

About Somerset County

Somerset County is located in the north-central part of the U.S. state of New Jersey and is one of 21 New Jersey counties. The county’s seat is Somerville, a borough located about 33 miles from Manhattan and 20 miles from Staten Island.

The county’s population is around 350,000, and the most populous place in Somerset County is Franklin Township, with approximately 65,000 residents.

As for tourist attractions, top sights include Duke Farms, Cross Estate Gardens, Sourland Mountain Preserve, Wallace House & Old Dutch Parsonage State Historic Sites, and Washington Rock State Park. Therefore, as seen above, Somerset County is more for outdoor enthusiasts than history buffs.

Besides breathtaking nature, Somerset County is famous for its shopping centers and many restaurants, so if you are looking for a place where you will enjoy nature and a good meal, Somerset, NJ is where you need to go.

Areas we serve

MK Roofing provides commercial roofing services in all of Somerset County’s places and towns, like BridgewaterSomerville, Raritan, Manville, Hillsborough, Franklin, Millstone, Warren, Bedminster, and others.

Hence, if you have commercial assets in Somerset County and are looking for a commercial roofing company your search is over; MK Roofing can handle it all. So contact us today at 908-323-9686, and let’s provide the best roofing solution with the integrity you deserve.