FAQ About Commercial Roof Inspection in New Jersey


Being a business owner brings many responsibilities, one of which is keeping the roof of your business establishment in good condition. To do that, conducting a thorough commercial roof inspection is essential.

Luckily, business owners don’t need to climb on the roof and look for potential threats. All they have to do is call a reliable and trustworthy commercial roofing company knowledgeable enough to inspect and notice roofing issues that can endanger commercial roofs. What they need to know is asking certain questions and look for answers from a commercial contractor that they hired to understand exactly what was inspected on the commercial roof of their business facility.

To help them with these questions, we have conducted a list of frequently asked questions about commercial roof inspection in New Jersey, so if you are a business owner who is planning a roof inspection, this article is for you.

Does the Roof Drainage System Work Properly?

Since the roof drainage system is essential for the proper functioning of the roof, roof inspection must cover this part, too. By asking this question, you are showing your interest and knowledge. Even though you are not a professional, you can still learn about the roof drainage system and its importance, especially for flat roofs.

Has the Roof Been Properly Maintained?

This question is reasonable to ask to find out how the work has been done by a former roofing company that was in charge of maintenance. After all, getting a second opinion is always helpful. A professional roof inspector can tell whether the roof has been maintained as it was supposed to or whether there were cutting corners.

Has the Roof Been Repaired Before?

This question is fundamental if you are a new business owner and didn’t schedule a roof inspection on your building before. But first, let’s get something straight. It doesn’t mean there is something wrong with a roof if it has been repaired. On the contrary, it means that the former owner was taking care of it. But, if a roof inspection shows repeated repairs, that can indicate that this roofing issue can happen again and that it needs to be supervised.

What Is the Condition of the Roof’s Flashing?

Flashing is an essential part of the roof, whose primary function is to direct water away from the seams and joints, and that’s why it is vital to keep them in good condition. Therefore, after the roof inspection, you will know whether they are in an adequate state or needs to be replaced (or repaired if there is a minor issue).

Will There Be Photo Documentation of the Problem Areas?

Since you are not going to climb on the roof, you can ask for photo documentation of the problem areas to see the condition of your commercial roof and all the roofing issues detected during the inspection.

Am I Going to Get a Written Report?

Besides photo documentation, a written report is one more document you need to get after the roof inspection. In it, you will have an insight into all potential problems found during the roof inspection and suggestions for solving them.

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