Does Your Commercial Roof Need Repairs? 5 Warning Signs of Roof Damage


Keeping your property functioning and looking good is essential. The roof is a defense of your property and the key to a good-looking and well-working building. Just like any roof, a commercial roof needs proper maintenance to prevent any damage and to be able to reach its lifespan.

However, taking care of your roof is often challenging. There are always aspects that can create roofing problems. Learn more about warning signs of roof damage in this blog. It will help you identify whether you need a roof repair.

Water Damage

It is easy to spot water stains and leaky roofs, yet people ignore these problems. A leaking roof most likely causes water stains on your ceiling or walls. It only takes time before more damages are created that will compromise the credibility of your building. Water dripping from your roof will eventually disturb your productivity. Don’t wait it out. Water damage is an issue that will only get worse over time, which can cause extensive damage to the building’s structure. It is better to prevent getting a roof replacement by repairing your roof. Don’t hesitate to call professional roofing contractors to help you repair your roof and find potential leaks to preclude any water damage in the future.

Mold and Interior Musty Smells

When you can smell a stale odor inside your building, it can signify mold growth. Mold growth is a potential health risk. When exposed to mold, individuals can experience allergic reactions, respiratory issues, red eyes, and many more. Mold is formed when air or water breach through your roofing system. Not only mold smells terrible and aesthetically ugly, but it also reflects poorly on your building. It is crucial to call a roofing contractor before the mold affects people’s health in the building. Your roofing contractor will do a thorough inspection to repair and make sure there is no further damage.

Increase in Energy Cost

An increase in energy cost is a sign that you need a roof repair. The roof has a significant role in regulating the temperature in your building. Depending on the season, your building needs to keep you warm or cold. A damaged roof will affect the air circulation in the building. The air outside can travel and penetrate your building through holes in the roof, which is hard for your heating or cooling system to maintain the proper temperature. More energy consumption means more energy costs. Save yourself from a giant energy bill by repairing your roof.

Loose Roofing Material

A good condition of a commercial roof is when every material is adequately installed and kept intact over time. However, roof material will start to wear out and lose for several reasons, including natural forces, the age of the used material, and poor installation. Loose roofing material is the main target for water damage that will cost you more to repair later. If you notice loose roofing material in your building, it is better to contact the roofing contractor immediately.

Roof Ages

Your roof has a 20-25 year lifespan, and you will eventually need to replace it. Even with the best quality roofing materials, it is expected that your roof will face structural damage. Even though it may not be apparent at first, there may be some hidden issues or forgotten issues that you neglected in the past. By the time your roof reaches 20 years old, it is natural for your roof to start showing signs of aging with several issues formed. Have a roof inspection with your roof contractor to determine if your roof age may create potential problems in the future.

What to do?

We hope this blog helps determine whether your commercial roof needs repair. A commercial roof inspection will help you notice and repair any damages before it becomes a disaster. If you notice any problems arising in your property, don’t hesitate to contact MK Roofing Co. We are a New Jersey commercial roofing contractor with a team of experienced roofing professionals who will help you repair and prevent potential damages.